Repois presents a skin care line, made in Italy, natural, the result of research and studies based on the balance of the active ingredients present in the formulation.

A range of products that is unique in its kind because it has been designed for the dynamic woman of today, with a thousand resources and commitments but who does not give up on skin care.

Rich in hyaluronic acid in triple molecular weight, it allows the active ingredients to act on the three levels of the epidermis.

The high molecular weight hyaluronic acid remains on the surface creating a barrier that prevents the natural evaporation of water, retaining hydration for longer.

Repois, Ricerca scientifica
Repois, rigenerazione cellulare in 4 settimane

Medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid overcomes the skin barrier and supplies the skin with all the water necessary to preserve turgor intact.

Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid goes deep to favor the physiological production of collagen, responsible for skin density and compactness.

The presence of a mix of biomimetic peptides stimulates cell regeneration ensuring a result in just 4 weeks. A high-tech line made up of a few but targeted and effective products. In a few minutes, pampering yourself in front of the mirror and being able to nourish and care for the skin of the face.

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